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Sak Noel

dance House electro electronic latin

      Sak Noel made his first steps in the Music world when he was a teenager, influenced by the electronic sounds in the beginning of 21st century. After playing in different clubs he founded his own company,, with his best friend. Through this company he carried out different musical productions for artists, clubs and also his own songs, but these ones as a member of Mak&Sak feat. Xana. With this group he went around the country offering live sessions in the well known parties. Due to the success of these parties, Moguda Dance Festival was born, an annual event, that each year increases the brand and Sak Noel himself, and in this way he becomes one of the most visible faces of, along with the vocalist Xana. Sak Noel makes the communication politics of the company, not only in the conceptual level, but artistic level as well and he involucrates himself through advertising spots, video trailers, flyer designs, radio spots, radio shows, presentations of videos that he also edits, etc. Definitely, he is an “all-in-one” capable to dominate all the creative aspects of the nightlife sector. Moreover, Sak Noel also becomes videoclip director, not only for third parties but for himself as well. His most recent work “Loca People” is a great example of his polyvalence, as he has made the musical part and also the visual part, making and interpreting himself the videoclip. Currently, he continues being the director in and creating new productions that soon will appear. For more information:


      He was born in La Cellera de Ter, Girona, Spain. He started his career in 2011.

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