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SAKRUN were an early 90's band. They seemed to have formed in 1992. They had a few releases, their last release being in 1994. It can be presumed this was the year the band broke up in.

Vocal: 秀仁 - Shuuji (→Dis-grais→SAKRUN→さくらんフロートcali≠garigoatbedXA-VAT→)
Guitar: 啓明- Hiroaki (→SAKRUN→さくらん→Melt Symphony→リズムクリアー→)
Bass: 朝和 - Tomokazu (→ニューロティックドール→SAKRUN→さくらん→)
Drums: 賢悟 - Kengo (→SAKRUN→さくらんフロート→)

Former Members:
Guitar: HIRO (→SAKRUN→Rosetta→)
Vocal: RYO (→SAKRUN→ペリシュ→)
Bass: マサヒデ (→SAKRUN→ペリシュ→Pow-der→ブーメランキックチョップ→)

SAKRUN has published photos.