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Søs Fenger

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Søs Fenger is a Danish . She was born on December 2, 1961 at Kongens Lyngby Fødeklinik in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the last 20 years, she has been one of Denmark's most-recognized singers.

In 1989, Fenger released her debut album Vinterdage. The record had sold 70,000 copies by the end of that year, and would eventually sell more than 150,000 copies. In February 1991, Fenger was awarded a Danish Grammy award for Female Rock Artist of the Year. In January 1992, she released the Billie Holiday cover album On Holiday. In April 1994, she released Et kys herfra which was recorded in Stockholm. The album's title track, written by Stig Kreutzfeldt with lyrics by Elisabeth(?), was a hit. In 1995, Fenger sang Elisabeth's title song on the soundtrack to Regner Grasten's thriller Sidste Time. In March of the following year, her fourth album Camouflage was released, which contained darker and more rock-influenced songs that centered around the breakdown of Fenger's marriage.

During January of 1997, she recorded two new songs in Los Angeles for her compilation album Gamle Flammer, which included the hit singles Kun et Kys herfra and Inderst Inde and also marked her commercial comeback. In 2000, she released her sixth studio album Søs from which the track Koldt Udenfor also became a hit. Following that two years later was the release of the English-language album Beverly Way. In 2004, Fenger released Nøglen til Paradis, her latest album to date, performing the songs of Bent Fabricius-Bjerre.

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