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Sámer Issa


SAMER ISSA (23) official website:

A singer, songwriter and dancer regarded by many as a pioneer of R´n´B in the Czech republic.

He spent his childhood in Syrian Damascus where his father comes from. His mother is of the Czech origin. When Samer was six years old his family moved back to the Czech republic. Currently he resides in Prague. He has a gift to captivate his audience irrespective of age and backround. He has chosen to go his own way which involves a lot of hard work and a great deal of faith in his talent and originality.

He possess a very distinctive artistic personality with an exceptionally high visual presentation. His concept of blending music from the east and the west together with fussion of different styles is a very rare occurrence.
During his carrier of 4 years Samer Issa has been honoured with many musical and another awards. From the very begining of his carier he´s been regarded to be the most outstanding singer performer of his generation. In the Czech contest "SuperStar" (similar to Pop Idol) Samer was marked as the most distinctive and original finalist. It is no wonder that today he´s in the centre of huge media and public interest. With his own repertoire and unmistakkable style he has reached to the very top of the music business in the Czech republic.

ACHIEVEMENTS : in R´n´B category (2005,2006)
Three time winner in the Golden Otto
of the BRAVO magazine (2004,2007).
Winner of many radio and television
musical charts.
Nominated by Czech National TV for the
national round of the Eurovision Song
Contest (2007, 2008).
Laureate of the prestigious competition
NEW WAVE 2007 where out of 8 000
singers moved through to the big finale.
2 russian TV channels 3plus where he
won 1st. place through a popular vote.

Amongst others we dare to mention the
title ´Sexiest man of 2007´, winner of
´TOP Celebrita´ category ´Sex Idol

1st. place ´Personality of the year
2005´ (magazine Instinkt)

Samer Issa´s ever rising popularity
took him to 2nd. place in ´TyTy´s 2007´
TV poll, just behind the legendary Karel
In the poll of ´JETIX KIDS AWARDS
2008´ he was the winner ( 2005 - 2nd.
place, 2006 - 3rd. place, 2008 - 1st. pl.)


Samer Issa has so far recorded two albums. His first album "BUSTED" (2004) became double platinum within the first two weeks of its release. Despite being released in November
it became the 2nd best selling album of the year. "BUSTED" was also publicized with 2 video clips "Busted" and "Shake It" which were accepted on MTV.
The second album "Break The Silence" (2005) was awarded "Golden album". The video clip Az zastavime cas folowed the album. Both albums were exceptionally well recieved by both the public and the skilled critics.


Samer Issa is in big demand for various public and cultural events.
Apart from his solo performances he has also been in close collaboration with the JAD Dance Company whose lively choreography is on the highest standard and quality.
Samer has also been invited as a guest to numerous TV shows, talk shows and was the only guide of the new singing contest X factor on its Webportal. At the same time throughout his carrier he´s participated in some choosen commercials (LG, BATA,AXE).

At the moment Samer Issa is working hard on his third album. Blending various musical styles while emphasising the lyrics and his rhythmical originality. This album should be realesed by Christmas and will be publized with 2 brand new video clips shot abroad in exotic locations. Prestigous Czech as well as international partners participating in this project. With his new 3rd. Album Samer plans to enter into international markets.

Awards: - POP IDOL (Czech SuperStar 2004) - 3rd place
- 3 x GOLD OTTO (Bravo magazin)
- 2 x 1st place RGM Awards TV OCKO
- SEX IDOL 2007
- EUROSONG 2007, national round of Eurovision
- EUROSONG 2008, national round of Eurovision
- Jetix Kids Awards 2008, 1st place - singers

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