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Rory McLeod

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Rory McLeod is a British folk singer-songwriter born in London. As well as singing, his performances include storytelling in the tradition of the travelling minstrel or troubadour and playing a wide range of instruments including guitar, harmonica, trombone and his own invention the 'stomping box'.

He has travelled widely performing and has released the following albums:

• Swings and Roundabouts (2010)
• Songs for Big Little People (2007)
• Brave Faces (2005)
• Mouth to Mouth (2000)
• Lullabies for Big Babies (1997)
• Travelling Home (1992)
• Footsteps and Heartbeats (1989)
• Kicking The Sawdust (1986)
• Angry Love (1985)

Rory's songs are invariably big-hearted story-like ballads about family, justice, racism, poverty, immigration, traveling and love. His live shows are particularly impressive - it's hard to believe he performs with such a full and busy sound when there's only him on the stage.

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