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Rod McCoy

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Rod "The Realist" McCoy, born Rodrequiz Lashaun Goldsmith is a 25 year old Hip-Hop freshman from Haynesville, AL. Within seconds you will notice his sound is far left from most others in the same region. Often compared to Common and Nas amongst others, however, this talented rhyme slayer intends to create his own sound. While yet a student to the game, Rod listens to and studies the Hip-Hop greats from recent history such as Q-Tip, The Roots, Big L, Common, Talib Kweli amongst others.

Born to Willie Goldsmith Sr. and Donna Whatley in April of '87 in Montgomery, Alabama; Rod grew up in a very christian structured home. He attended church at least 2 or 3 times per week growing up and listening to rap, blues and "other" music besides gospel was never allowed under his mother's roof. Even as a junior and senior in high school, if he misplaced or forgot to put up his cds, somehow they would end up missing.

Introduced to rap by friend, Drevell Herron in 2010, he rapidly hit the ground running. The fascination of hearing himself on a beat is what first drove him to keep writing but after time and gaining confidence in his ability, he began to take the craft serious. Deciding that a "team" would better suffice in a much crowded industry, he began to reach out to friends and associates to offer an opportunity to join forces. However, with his music still lacking quality and overall decency, most denied and a few obliged. They now form what is, Audible Hustle Entertainment. As the founder and leader of this collective, he and the team are all ready to become a household name.

At the end of the day, he wants to be heard and he will be the first to say that he doesn't desire a major record deal, but rather the opportunity to make music as a living while supporting his family is all he wants.

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