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Roberto Cacciapaglia

piano contemporary classical instrumental Classical italian

    Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan, Italy. He received his degree in music composition from the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, under the direction of Bruno Bettinelli. While at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi he also studied orchestra direction and electronic music. He also has worked for the Department of Phonology at RAI (Italy's national television station) in Milan and has collaborated with the CNR (National Research Council) of Pisa, where he studied computer applications in the field of music.

    Cacciapaglia is a prominent figure on the more innovative Italian music scene and a point of reference in Italy and abroad, for his musical research between classical and experimental electronic and direction towards music without borders that goes beyond divisions.

    For some time, he was involved in studying sacred music and dance, and for a number of years he has conducted a research effort that studies the powers of sound. His music draws inspiration from these experiences and passes through emotions rather than through traditional rules and structure.

    ”SONANZE” (1974) is his first record, published by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser, editor of “OHR”, a German record company. Through this work, Cacciapaglia entered into contact with various German music groups such as: POPOL VUH, TANGERINE DREAM, WALLENSTEIN, DIETER DARKS.
    “SEI NOTE IN LOGICA” (1978) for vocals, orchestra and computer published by Philips during the performance of the Ensemble Garbarino.
    During these years his compositions are performed in diverse locations: Università Statale of Milan with the Popol Vhu.
    “PER UN USO CREATIVO DEL NUOVO SUONO” (1975) Basilica of Piazza Vetra in Milan.
    “I TESTIMONI” (1976) accompanied by the sculptures of Ugo Guarino realised from dismantled furniture from the Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste. “Festival di Re Nudo” Parco Lambro. “OUTLINES” (1977) performed by Antonio Ballista and Alide Maria Salvetta at the Festival Pianistico of Brescia and Bergamo.
    “AZIONE MUSICALE SOTTO UNA LENTE D’INGRANDIMENTO” (1978) for the pantomime and instrumental group, “Out Off” of Milan, International Congress of Anti-psychiatry of Paris.
    His work as a composer and producer permits him to experiment with the language of rock music: Ann Steel (1979), Gianna Nannini (1981), Giuni Russo (1983), Ivan Cattaneo (1983), Alice (1985)…
    “RICONCILIAZIONE” (1986) for piano and instruments. Opening performance, the Milan Conservatory.
    “GENERAZIONI DEL CIELO” (1986) work composed of two acts published by Ricordi e recorded on Dischi Fonit Cetra, plenary performance at the Metastasio Theatre of Prato(1986). Other performances: Chiesa del Convento di San Nazzaro della Costa in Novara, Rassegna “Musica Instrumentum Coeli” (1999), Lingotto– Salone della Musica of Turin (2000).
    “TRANSARMONICA” (1988) for vocal and instrumental group. Festival “Aterforum” of Ferrara – where, with his ensemble, he performed with Terry Riley “In C”.
    In that same year “TRANSARMONICA” Festival “Due Dimensioni” of Parma. In 1992 he opened the Festival of Villa Arconati at Castellazzo di Bollate during the inaugural evening entirely dedicated to the works of Roberto Cacciapaglia.
    “LAMENTAZIONI DI GEREMIA” (1986) for countertenor and organ. International Festival of Tel Aviv. Additional representations: “Festival Due Dimensioni” of Parma, “Cabaret Voltaire” of Turin, Basilica di Santo Stefano in Bologna (2001).
    “AUREA CARMINA” (1988) from the text of Pythagoras, for baritone, treble, choir and orchestra, commissioned by the Accademia of Santa Cecilia in Rome where it was also performed in that same year.
    “IL SEGRETO DELL’ ALBA” (1989) pantomime ballet in two acts commissioned by the Teatro Comunale of Bologna where it was also performed.
    “UN GIORNO X” (1990) video opera for vocals, orchestra and electronic instruments commissioned by “Musica del Nostro Tempo” and performed at the Conservatorio of Milan with the participation of Gianna Nannini and l’Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali.
    “LE MILLE E UNA NOTTE” (1991) musical fairytale written for the Compagnia marionettistica “Carlo Colla & Figli” performed at the Festival of Berlin “Berliner Festspiele” and “Festival di Spoleto” (1998).
    “SINTONIA” (1991) for arc orchestra performed by the Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Campinas in Brazil.
    “DIALOGHI CON NESSUNO” (1991) theatre work directed by Silvano Piccardi, interpreted by Ottavia Piccolo.
    “ANGELUS ROCK” (1992) for vocal and instrumental group published by Polydor, presented at the IV Edizione del Premio “Città di Recanati” (1993).
    “ODISSEO, IL SENSO DELL’ALBA” (1996) solo piano, commissioned from XVI Festival del Teatro Italiano “Riviera d’Ulisse”.
    “TRA CIELO E TERRA” (1996) published by CGD with the participation of Franco Battiato presented in concert at the Teatro Olimpico of Rome (1997).
    “MAI PER ATZAR” (1997) theatre work directed by Valerio Ferrari “Passatge de la Pau” of Barcelona.
    “DISSOLUZIONE DELLA ARIA” (1997) for solo piano. First performance at the “Teatro Baraccano” of Bologna. Additional performances: Rassegna “Genius Loci”, Chiostro del Bramante, Rome (2001), Festa Europea della Musica of Rome (2002), “La Milanesiana” organized by Elisabetta Sgarbi and the Provincia di Milano (2002), Festival di Verucchio, Rassegna “Musica e Dintorni”(2002) Monte di Pietà, Messina.
    “ANIMALS” (2000) commissioned by the “Cantiere Internazionale di Montepulciano”, interpreted by Elio delle Storie Tese and directed by Enrique Mazzola.
    “ARCANA” (2001) published by BMG Ricordi with a preview performance in 2000 at the Festival “Il Violino e la Selce” of Fano directed by Franco Battiato. Additional performances: “Galleria Sozzani” of Milan (2001) concert event presentation of the Cd, Manifestazione “Pegaso d’Oro” of Acireale, “Made in Bo” of Bologna, Festival “Esperimenta” of Alberobello.
    “TEMPUS FUGIT” (2003) for piano, vocals, violoncello and electronic positions. Published by BMG Ricordi, preview at Festival “Sconfinando” Sarzana (2002), Chiesa dei SS. Gervaso and Protaso Trezzo sull’Adda, Basilica di San Lorenzo Milan nella Rassegna “Musica nei Cieli”(2003).
    “APPELLO ALLE NAZIONI” (2003) with the participation of Gianna Nannini, Chiesa di San Carlo al Corso - Milan.
    “SALMO 4 – PREGHIERA DELLA SERA” (2003) for soprano and piano, Duomo of Milan in the Rassegna “Salmi”
    “ESERCIZI PREPARATORI PER LA MODIFICA DEGLI EVENTI” for piano, with Derek Walcott, the Nobel Prize in Literature, Teatro Dal Verme, “La Milanesiana”.
    “DIAGONAL MAR” Palazzo Isinbardi, “La Milanesiana”.
    “ROCK ANGELS” (2003) for the installation exhibition of Roberto Masotti, Rassegna “Limite” Arco di Trento.
    “MENTE RADIOSA” (2004) for piano exclusively presented with the Nobel Prize winner, Rita Levi Montalcini, at the Milanesiana “Palazzo Isinbardi”.
    “INCONTRI CON L’ANIMA” (2005) Cd published by Deltadischi, Teatro San Carlo of Naples, Giardino di Boboli of Florence, Castello di Lecce where a selection of the Cd was presented (2006).
    “AD VITAM” (2005) Triennale di Milano in memory of Pierpaolo Pasolini.
    “TRA BUIO E LUCE” (2007) elements of style with Giovanni Sollima Teatro Dal Verme “La Milanesiana”.
    “QUARTO TEMPO”(2007) Cd realised with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and published by Universal Music in September 2007. Officially presented in concert at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi of Milan.

    "Violoncelles, vibrez" became the main theme of Peter Greenaway's Rembrandt's J'Accuse.

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