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River Blade

pop jazz rock instrumental under 2000 listeners

The band was formed in January 2004 in order to create an album as the memory of the entrance of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia into European Union. The leader of the project was Jakub Rybka (CZ), which invited three amateur musicians form other countries into this (formerly temporary) project.
The co-operation of these artists had an excellent result. Their first album Algernon (which was formerly considered to be fully amateur celebration of joining these post-soviet countries into a new democratic union) had fantastical success. The band won several prices at festivals in all four countries; some of the songs attacked the top places of many hitparades. Unfortunately, few months after, Jakub Rybka and Mia Mariánová (SK) had left the band and therefore the semi-fitted video clip was never finished.
The main reasons, why Rybka and Mariánová had left the band was that (Rybka's own words) “…I felt the significant pressure to turn the band into the commerce sphere, but my former idea has not changed at all. Therefore, any other co-operation on other project was no more possible.”
After two years the band has re-formed with two new members (Petr Filmr and Mária Coulová) and many more experiences and ideas. There is a new album in progress, which is assumed to be put out in September 2007.


River Blade has published photos.