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Rick Wright

Progressive rock Psychedelic Rock classic rock Pink Floyd keyboard

Richard William Wright (28 July 1943 - 15 September 2008)

Rick Wright was keyboardist and a founding member of Pink Floyd, started his solo career in 1978, when he released "Wet Dream" with Snowy White on guitar, Mel Collins on saxophone, Larry Still on bass and Reg Isadore on drums. It was a very calm album, full of piano, acoustic guitar sounds and with a bit of synthesizers. More than half of the album were instrumental compositions.

Wright’s next album Broken China was released in 1996. It was a conceptual creation, devoted to Rick’s wife, who suffered from depression. It consisted of four parts with four songs in each part. The music was much more electronic than in "Wet Dream". One of the album's highlights was the song "Breakthrough" which featured Sinead O’Connor on vocals. Before his death, Rick was creating music for his new album, but it is not known if it will ever be released.

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