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Ricardo Villalobos

minimal minimal techno techno electronic microhouse

    From his early childhood Ricardo Villalobos loved to travel and today he plays his music around the globe. Brown from the sun, and with a four-day beard … Ricardo Villalobos has a certain aura and personality about him that is incredibly quiet, friendly and positive, and he likes to convey this to the public.

    Born in Chile, to a Chilean father and German mother following the Chilean Coup of 1973 that placed dictator Pinochet in power, he moved to Germany. His parents worked at the airport in Frankfurt, so Ricardo was accustomed to travelling from a young age. Music was incredibly important to him as he initially progressed from salsa and South American folk to his father's rock and pop albums such as Swedish pop group ABBA.

    His father was a role model to him and a mentor, especially as far as music was concerned. Indeed it was him who introduced Ricardo to electronic artists such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Both Ricardo and his father liked to listen to their music loudly and they both truly appreciated it, despite Ricardo's mother who was irritated by the volume that they listened to music. Chilean family friends knew an agent who organized concerts and live performances, and taught the young Ricardo to play the drums. He soon got his first conga drum and became fascinated with it and the rhythms he could create way before he started going to clubs and producing and DJ'ing. It was from this deep feeling for rhythm that seized Ricardo's attention him from a young age and to this day he still appreciates a talented percussionist or indeed a good beat.

    His parents supported him in that and also gave him the opportunity to receive classes in percussion in Brazil, Cuba and Germany, as his mother worked at an airline and he could fly free on holidays. His father, not only took the passion for good music, also greed when it comes to collecting disks.

    In 1988, was first put to the dishes in a discotheque in truth, having practiced in the school holidays and at home. Before, with 15 years, his father had taught inside the disco Dorian Gray at the airport.

    At the beginning of the 90s, began to invest in their own team after that will give them a Roland synthesizer. His colleagues from school aroused his interest in small gray or black pieces with which one could make that music so strange and beautiful. Its first pieces of a more popera because in the 80 had been a big fan of Depeche Mode. But after his interest in Wave and Synthi-Pop, he entered the fever Acid House and the taste of the sounds technoide.

    In 1992, his first work appeared in the stamp Overdrive. Due to the euphoria that Ricardo and some friends were being founding the techno scene, they created the stamps (short-lived) and Plastic Flavor Elactic Music. By that time, moreover, belonged to a group of followers of music and festivity, which organized festivals illegal under bridges and highways empty buildings in and around Darmstadt. In one of those parties known to Ata and Heiko M / S / O, who exert a great influence on his musical direction. Also found with the Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke (Alter Ego), as well as Losoul was very important in their lives.

    Through the many festivals they rode, Ricardo gained a name as a DJ. It was in late 1994 when they took out his first Playhouse, where he invited the Ongaku-Crew to a rave of the eclipse for Sonnenfinsernis in Chile. The festival was a success. He was clicking along with the great Americans of the house and techno as Stacey Pullen and Derrick May, and along with many Germans Deejays and the Chilean scene. Since then Ricardo pincharía on their land every time we approached the German winter.

    In 1995 he booked into the club of Frankfurt Box (the successor to the famous XS), where he spent two years, which enabled him to move and click on other clubs like the famed Omen. 97 was decisive in his career: his first published reference in Perlon for the first time and traveled to Ibiza, the magical island, which along with Germany and Chile would become his third home. From 1997 to 1999 he lived among Ibiza, Germany, Chile … from here to there. Moreover, since in 99 prick for the first time at parties Cocoon in Ibiza, belongs to the hard core of these events and his agency representing artists.

    In coming years will be increasingly recognized as an excellent DJ, who earns the people around the world with extensive sets. Also as a producer, Ricardo has a growing reputation. With pieces like "Ibiza 99", "808 The Bassqueen" and its many remixes has deepened his fan club to which both love lost between their cutting deep grooves and hypnotic.

    In 2003 we can already say that Ricardo has reached a status as the representative of a genre that has no name. He breaks down the barriers between house, techno and minimalism usual, and seasoned with fresh sounds that emerged alongside the South American percussive note. Ricardo Villalobos has gradually become a Dj and producer of worship, a leader of opinion. Your Charts are fairly valued, resulting in purchases of CDs that he appoints.

    In the summer of 2003 published in the Cocoon seal its Cd-Mix "Taka-Taka" in that mix several 'rareties' side and a sunny sitting and bienllegada. This work shortened the waiting time prior to the publication of the album that come in the fall: "Artichoke". Published at Playhouse, this work is a perlite to go appreciating layer to layer, soft and consciously.

    Since then has provided us with several notable remixes (like the theme "Listen to the Hiss" Hell or the latest remix to Isollee "Djamel Et Jamshid") and a double vinyl sound engineering, "Achso" for the seal Luciano, Cadenza, which is a treaty of minimalism passionate. Simply grabs.

    He works as a deejay at the best clubs in Germany: Ohmen (Frankfurt), E-Werk (Berlin), Ultraschall (Munich), Aufschwung (Kassel), Ostgut / Panoramabar (Berlin) … and is based in Omen, The Box Frankfurt) and Kesselhouse (Frankfurt), and the nights of Cocoon Ibiza, along with Sven Väth or the aforementioned Richie Hawtin, among others, he became an icon of the wildest night. In addition to being present at halls and festivals the world over, from the Mutek in Canada, Japan, South America, Mexico and Thailand, to name just a few examples …

    And is that Ricardo was codea with the best of the world stage. One of his latest ideas, Narod Niki, a collective that has names like Daniel Bell, Isolee, Losoul or Richie Hawtin serves to return to the Sonar from the 2007 edition and 2008. Under the signing of Narod Niki find work performed between two artists "unidentified" above the stage that makes jams laptop without prior acuedo among artists. Thus, we see a musician Ricardo, theorist and ideologue of the music that is facing the most superficial, that it occasionally appears in photos and forums with the face and mouth dancing jacks. Another of its projects is the one who shares with his friend Jack Dandy (AKA Martin Schopf), Ric and Martin with which he saw in the presentation of MAGMA festival held in Tenerife in 2003.

    It is indisputable: Ricardo Villalobos has already become a big star of our electronic music scene and his records sound in all rooms. Even if they are inclasificables such topics as controversial and largísimo Fizheuer Zieheuer which for some was one of the heights of creativity minimal harvest of 2006 and for other tomaduras one of the biggest hair of the year. In 2007 it's up to mix the number 36, the number of mixes of fabric and decides to include in the tracklist only items of produce. At the end of that year draws to sell the album Drum-Sei is published in the namesake of the stamp said to be owned by the Chilean-selected items, all of them exceeded the 10 minutes that were published earlier in the same fabric.

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