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seen live Czech pop rock Hip-Hop rock

There are 2 groups that go by with the name Reflexy:

1) Rock band from the Czech Republic

2) Hip-hop group form The Netherlands

Rock group from Czech Republic.
Previously, the group has been REFLEXY amateur band, which acted on the dance zábavách in the region Uherské Aires. Her repertoire formed taken over the creation of world-known groups. At that time, the group gave many musicians, not a permanent assembly.
1995 - Group of the profesionalizuje, the group brought to issue a 1-all album Všichni pujdem do ráje.
1997 - In March, placed on the market album entitled "Nové touhy."
1998 - The band issued the third CD "Sluneční".
1999 - In May, is based album, "Ty jsi divoká '
2000 - At the end of September REFLEXY already issued their fifth album entitled "Česká"
6th October 2000 - saddest event in the history of the group - the tragic death of singer Jarda Gargulák struck not only teammates but also all of our loyal fans. After this event REFLEXY suspended for a short time, their activities.
2002 - more than one and half year after the English edition CD gives 1st May reflections on the market in order sixth album entitled "Mám se líp,"
2004 - In the spring, based album "Minus 7"

Reflexy is also a dutch hip-hop crew, rapping in dutch since 1999. Members are Andel (Nostra) and Sil (Estro). Originally working with DJ Goodlife, but nowadays working together with different dj’s and producers; 93 Blackout, Bob de Bouwer, Meneer van Ee and Frankie Boxcutta (live dj for the cuts and scratches)
After a lot of demo’s they released there first full lenght album called “De Andere Kant van de Spiegel” in the begining of 2008.
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