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    There are several artists using this name:
    1. A Japanese grindcore band
    2. An American Christian rock band
    3. A Canadian trip-hop musician
    4. A British turntablist
    5. A French jazz group
    6. A Russian psytrance producer
    7. An American post-punk band
    8. A Dutch pop group (stylized RED!)
    9. A British heavy metal band
    10. An Italian singer

    1. Red is an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band's lineup consists of singer Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, and bassist Randy Armstrong. They are known for their music which incorporates other sounds such as , , , and . Jasen Rauch and Andrew Hendrix were the rhythm guitarist and drummer, respectively, at the time of the band's formation. Hendrix was replaced by Hayden Lamb in 2006, who was then replaced by Joe Rickard, who left in 2014. Though Rauch left the band in 2009, he still contributes to songwriting.
    To date, Red has released five studio albums: End of Silence (2006), Innocence & Instinct (2009), Until We Have Faces (2011), Release the Panic (2013), and Of Beauty and Rage (2015). The first two albums earned the group Grammy Award Nominations for Best Rock Gospel Album while Until We Have Faces had a No. 2 debut on Billboard 200.

    Official Website:

    2. Red was a Boston-based post-punk band containing composer Ottmar Liebert and his brother Stefan. The band utilized synthesizers and synthetic drums in addition to the typical rock instruments. They released the 7-inch records Walking in the Park and KCDY in 1981 and 1982, respectively. Ottmar has since found commercial success with his ensemble Luna Negra.

    3. Red is a solo trip-pop artist who hails from Vancouver, Canada. She is a self-represented singer, songwriter and is in the process of creating an entirely independant multi-media empire of gifted people who collaborate and pool their many talents and resources - she calls this soon-to-rise-monolith Heartbreaker Music.

    She has worked tirelessly for years to hone her craft and has arrived in her mid-twenties with ironclad talent, drive, and no desire whatsoever to follow in the footsteps of many mid-twenties music stars at this time. She doesn't even like cocaine, and doesn't have a driver's license. So much for those tricky DUI convictions.

    She is dedicated, foxy, talented, and driven.

    4. Red made his initial musical forays as a drummer, before reinventing himself as a scratch musician. He is now an accomplished producer and turntablist in the midst of releasing his debut album Fingerprints on Dealmaker, and taking scratch music and live instrumental music to a new level with his band, Full Fat.

    5. Red, a band from Lille (North of France) are Red, Jeex, Leo88man and Tonio Marinescu. Their label is Rectangle & Universal Jazz. See french site for more informations.

    6. Russian psytrance producer.

    7. Red is a grindcore band from Japan.

    8. RED! is a Dutch popband, which consist of Steffie, Déon and Brandi. They won the popstars finale and made their first single; Step into the light, Guilty & Conga

    Step into the light:

    9. A NWOBHM band released Rider In The Sky, 7" Ep 1977

    10. Red Sprecacenere (born 20 August 1977 in Chieti) is an Italian pop singer.

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