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downtempo electronic chillout nu jazz funk

    Quantic is an umbrella name for UK-born, Will Holland: acclaimed producer, musician and DJ for over 15 years evolving and involving styles like Funk & Jazz to Electronic & Folk music through to Latin, Reggae, Dub & Cumbia. Holland has released over ten full-length albums internationally through the label, Tru Thoughts, …across six different projects ranging from his DJ/Producer/Remixer moniker that has packed dance floors from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires, Quantic, to his Latin-tinged, reggae and dub exploration, Flowering Inferno, to a full-out soul band, The Quantic Soul Orchestra.

    Based in the musical epicenter of Cali, Colombia since 2007, Holland has been exploring cumbias, salsa and Afro-Colombian music through his particular beat-focused, electronic and funk lens. His latest live band project, Quantic y Su Combo Barbaro, a carefully assembled international cast of musical creators including virtuosic salsa pianist Alfredo Linares and Pacific folklore singer Nidia Gongora, is a bold snapshot of an ever-evolving musical landscape in the Americas. Holland also works and exchanges with a cross-section of artists and producers innovatively shaping contemporary music from Latin America as we speak.

    His is an on-going story of musical inspiration guided by a curiosity which aims to not only honor and collaborate with excellent artists, but to share and compose new music in a way that is organic, vibrant and relevant. As Holland explains, "I try to make music that encourages people to explore beyond their usual listening circles and check scenes and genres they may otherwise never be exposed to."

    "He’s at the forefront of a new global sound.”- Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 1

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