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Psychonaut 4

depressive black metal black metal Post-Black Metal georgian narcotic metal

    Psychonaut 4 is a Georgian band from Tbilisi, Georgia, formed in July 2010 by GRAF (vocals) and André (bass). The lyrics are written by GRAF and are about drugs, sex, drinking, depression, lies and suicide.
    Psychonaut 4 started with a demo tape titled "40%", released by Depressive Illusions Records in 2011. In June 2012 the band released "Tired, Numb, Still Alive", a 3-way split album with Unjoy and Eurythmie, released by Der Neue Weg Productions. Their first full-length, "Have a Nice Trip" was released in August 2012 on cassette by Depressive Illusions Records (CD version co-released by Der Neue Weg Productions and Solitude and Despair Music in November 2012).

    In December 2012 the band decided to split up. In the Spring of 2013 André rejoined the band. In January 2014 a split with Happy Days and Dodsferd was released, and later this year the second full-length "Dipsomania" will see the light of day.

    Official webpages:

    Current lineup
    GRAF - vocals
    Drifter - guitars (also in Tsre, X-Machine, Monofucktura, Sweet Poison)
    S.D. Ramirez - guitars (also in ყველგან უკრავს ეს ჩემისა <3)
    Alex - bass
    Nepho - drums
    Glixxx - guitars

    Past members:
    André - bass (also in Empty Tears, Sylvester the Cat, Sense of Dispersal)
    Borger - drums

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