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Pražský výběr

Czech rock seen live alternative big beat

    Pražský výběr was a cult czech avantgarde rock band known for their crazy non-sense lyrics and wide musical experimentation, as their most renowned line-up consisted of brilliant musicians - M. Kocáb (keyboards, vocals), M. Pavlíček (guitars), V. Čok (bass and backing vocals) and K. Kryšpín (percussion). They were prohibited by the communist regime in the 80s.

    The band (leader Michael Kocáb) started the band as a side project of Pražský Big Band in the middle of the 1970s. From the beginning they were playing pure jazz rock, yet the real beginning of the band is dated to the year 1978, when they released their first album named Žízeň.

    Pražský výběr has published photos.