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Port Blue

ambient instrumental post-rock chillout JazzCancer /

"I am neither aero or aquanaut, and thus, I remain on the shore, gazing aft and out to sea only imagining what it must be like…" A. Young.

'Port Blue' is the ambient side project of multi-instrumentalist Adam Young, better known for being the artist behind Owl City and Sky Sailing.

"Port Blue is music that can be heard playing in elevators, hotel lobbies, airports, museums and restaurants inside my head. It is the soundtrack to my dreams. If I wrote music for movies, this is what my film scores would sound like.

Much of the aesthetic of Port Blue is not what lies in the recordings but rather what is extracted from them…dreamscapes. No vocals.

In my opinion, there is a huge lack of imaginative, unconventional music being created by artists today and what little there is, goes widely unappreciated by the masses.

Port Blue is my attempt at re-creating the music I want to hear and the emotions I want to feel. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it. If by chance you ever feel as though you've come to know these songs, please consider yourself a friend because in a manner of speaking, you know me.
This music is my heart and soul. This is who I am…" - Adam Young.

"…I write a lot of ambient music in a solo project by the name of Port Blue which is largely inspired by bands like Unwed Sailor, Boards of Canada and Hammock. I love the idea of creating wordless abstract music without telling a listener specifically what to think or how to feel. It feels limitless because you can go anywhere, do anything or be anyone in your mind. You can let your imagination go and there’s no telling where it might take you. I find my escape in instrumental soundscapes and I definitely plan on writing and releasing more records under Port Blue. It’s very dreamy stuff.

Adam Young, August 2009.

The albums 'The Airship' (2007) & 'The Albatross Ep' (2008) can be found on iTunes, Spotify etc.

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