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Pond is an Perth, Australia band made up of Jay Watson, Cameron Avery (both of Tame Impala), Nick Allbrook (ex-Tame Impala), Shiny Joe Ryan, and Jamie Terry. Pond is free-spirited psychedelic garage-glam of the highest order from some very young, very talented 'Perth-onalities.' It all presents an opportunity for the members to change instruments more freely live and experiment with recording. Pond is a hard band to pin down–not that you'll want to. The West Oz trio are shaping up as yet another great unwashed export from the west, with a cavalier attitude and a sound that when unleashed live, is unhinged and on fire, mixing glam-era Bowie with Blue Cheer while bordering on the Zappa-esque at times. Frond is laden with hand-claps, fuzzy guitars, rich piano and catchy chorus lyrics, with elements of folk, psych, glam and dance.

2. Pond was an alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon, active from 1991 to 1998. Their first two albums were released on Sub Pop Records, while their third was released on Work Group, a subsidiary of Sony Music. On October 23, 2010, Pond reunited for a show to commemorate the closing of the legendary Portland club Satyricon.

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