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Poli Genova

Eurovision pop bulgarian rock female vocalists

    Poli Genova (Поли Генова; born February 10, 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian singer who will represent her nation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany with her entry "Na inat" (stubborn) in the second semifinal.

    She's been singing since 1991, when she was four. When Genova started studying English, met an old lady who taught her to sing. Her teacher insisted Poli had skills to become a singer.

    Poli is the first member of the founded in 1995 Children Vocal Group "Bon-Bon" shortly after that the first host of TV show "Bon-Bon", which becomes a media phenomenon. Her emblematic voice and charming smile are a trade mark of "Bon-Bon". So her professional singing carrier begins.

    In 2005 and 2006 she takes part in the National Selection of Eurovision Song Contest as a member of the trio "Melody".

    Poli is a graduate of The National Music School "Ljubomir Pipkov", her specialty - clarinet. Now she is in her third year of study for a film director.

    During her study she has been continuing her singing carrier. Genova is part of the Unicef Charity Project "The Magnificent Six", works as a vocal of "Azis' Show" and with "Dani Milev Band" in the first edition of the reality "Dancing Stars Bulgaria".

    During all these years Poli has been in close relations with "Bon-Bon". Her first vocal coach and producer Rozi Karaslavova has been taking care of her for 14 years and making the final touches of every tiny detail that is important for the success. Now the debut album of Poli is being prepared.

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