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    Poliça is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA which formed in 2011. The band consists of Channy Leaneagh (vocals, synthesizers), Ryan Olson (production), Chris Bierden (bass), Drew Christopherson (drums) and Ben Ivascu (drums). The band has issued three albums: Give You the Ghost (2012), Shulamith (2013) and United Crushers (2016).

    The band was formed by Olson and Leaneagh following their involvement in the soft rock supergroup Gayngs. Their debut album, Give You the Ghost, was released on February 14,2012, and received praise from critics; including Grammy winner band Bon Iver's founder Justin Vernon,who told Rolling Stone: "They're the best band I've ever heard." Four singles were released from the album including, "Dark Star", which peaked at no. 2 on BEL (Vl) .

    The band released their second album, Shulamith on October 18,2013, and it reached a peak position at no. 47 on BEL (VI) just like their debut. It also charted at no. 1 on US Heatseekers Albums. In April 2013 they released the single "Tiff (feat. Justin Vernon)", followed by second single "Chain My Name" in October, 2013.

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