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electronic trip-hop chillout ambient downtempo

Pogo is the name of at least two artists.

1) Pogo is an electronic musician from Perth, Western Australia. Since 2007, Pogo has been taking sounds from films and specific film scenes and sequencing them to form completely new musical pieces. Pogo's music is often labeled as house or trip-hop.

2) A pseudonym of a London DJ / producer, primarily known for his involvement with the British hip hop scene. He was part of the Jus Bad crew, which featured Monie Love, Sparki and MC Mell’O’, who released the single “Free Style / Proud” (Tuff Groove, 1988). He worked with rapper MC Mell’O’ on his early work, including the legendary album Thoughts Released (Revelation I) (Republic Records - 1990), and also produced the Demon Boyz second album Original Guidance: The Second Chapter (Tribal Bass, 1992). Both records are considered landmarks in the early days of the British hip hop scene. He has continued to be active in the music industry, and is held in high regard for his scratching and remixing skills. He has remixed tracks for De La Soul, Monie Love, House of Pain, Bomb the Bass, KRS-One and Carleen Anderson. He also released mix albums under the “DJ Pogo Presents the Breaks”. on the label: Harmless. He came first in the 1997 UK DMC, second in the European ITF finals and third in the 1997 World DMC. With his crew, The En4cers, he took out the 1999 UK DMC Team competition and went onto place fifth in the world that year.

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