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Poco Loco Gang

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The Poco Loco Gang was a Belgium music group consisting of DJ's Fred Vandermast and Reinier Vanloo. They created a new sound known as 'Happy House'. They were both DJ's in a club in Ninove (East-Flanders, Belgium) and their first single, 'Poco Loco' (Spanish for 'a bit crazy') was pressed in vinyl by Star Records. Within 10 days they sold over 800 singles, whereafter Arcade Music in January 1999 the single pressed as a cd-single. Singer Saïda is responsible for the samples used in their singles.

After their next single 'Let's go to the party' and great success for both the single in Belgium and the Netherlands Fred was forced to leave the group (personal reasons), as well as singer Saïda, who was unable to combine the unexpected success of the group with her job. A new DJ named Patrick and a new singer named Severin brought together with Reinier a third single: 'Tropical Paradise'.

From 2000 until 2005 they published 4 more singles: 'Come Along', 'Sunshine On A Rainy Day', 'Yaki Yo Yaki Ye' and 'Chirpy Cheep Cheep'. Neither of these singles were able to save the group from quitting although the last single still did quite well in the Netherlands.

Poco Loco Gang has published photos.