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Playaz Circle

rap Dirty South Hip-Hop southern rap hip hop

is a rap duo that has joined the Disturbing tha Peace family.

The duo was formed in 1997 by two childhood friends: Tity Boi and Dolla Boy in College Park, GA. They created the acronym Playaz which stands for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A-Z. The duo put all their money together to release their independent album United We Stand, United We Fall. The album features tracks from Lil' Fate, I-20 and others from the Disturbing tha Peace family. They were introduced to Ludacris by Lil Fate and soon became good friends as they all shared the same dream.

Unfortunately, Playaz Circle ran into bad luck. Tity Boi was shot and Dolla Boy incarcerated. Their career was at a standstill. After hearing their misfortune Ludacris reached out and then signed them. They have also been in a commercial with Ludacris for the Two Miles an Hour video.

They are featured on the upcoming DTP compilation album titled "Strength in Numbers", scheduled to be released September 18th, 2007.

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