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Philip White

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philip white (always lower-case) is the American composer of “The Alpha & Omega Suite”, a musical odyssey in thirty-five parts, composed over the course of nine years between the years of 2000 and 2008. The suite is two hours and forty minutes in length and covers some four thousand years of recorded biblical history. Though heavy on lyrics, the compositions were also written to stand on their own as an orchestrated instrumental.

After taking a two year hiatus away from the music, at the end of 2010 philip returned to the compositions and started notating and scoring, turning the basic pop songs into orchestrations. The new variation on the Suite is referred to as 'the Seasons'. Each season contains a different take on the individual pieces, for instance Autumn emphasizes strings and orchestra, Winter is heavy on piano, Spring will be mellow and hard guitars, and Summer is not determined yet.

The Alpha & Omega Suite is Music for People Who Love and Appreciate Melody and that is the purpose of producing so many variations. It is music which is highly melodic and communicative!

As of September 2012 the following has been completed pertaining to the Alpha & Omega Suite…
a) 35 songs with lyrics written & recorded
b) 35 Winter instrumental songs recorded
c) 35 Autumn instrumental songs recorded
d) 18 Spring instrumental songs recorded
e) 12 music videos
f) 710 art renderings (most are used in the music videos)
g) 800+ write-ups/blog items

Philip White has published photos.