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Papa Roach

rock Nu Metal alternative rock alternative metal

      Papa Roach is a band from Vacaville, California. Formed in 1993, it consists of Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (guitar), Tobin Esperance (bass), and Tony Palermo (drums). Tony, previously of Unwritten Law, joined the band permanently in 2008; the move came after the departure of one of the band's founding members, Dave Buckner. The band has released nine studio albums, sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, with one #1 hit on alternative radio ("Last Resort") and four number-ones on mainstream rock.

      The group had mostly regional success until their breakthrough with the hit single "Last Resort". That song came from their first major label album, 'Infest', and has remained a fan favorite for years. The band's latest album titled Metamorphosis was released March 24th, 2009, with the singles "Lifeline" and "Hollywood Whore" available at digital retailers. They released a live album w/ 5 new tracks August 31, 2010 named "Time for Annihilation…On the Record and On the Road", with the first singles being "Kick In The Teeth" and "No Matter What".

      The Still Swinging Songfacts reports that Papa Roach's eighth studio album, The Connection, was recorded at the band's hometown studio, The Red House in Sacramento, California. The long player was produced by James Michael (Sixx:A.M., Halestorm) and John Feldmann (Panic at the Disco, The Used, Escape the Fate). The album was released on October 2, 2012. The first single off the album was "Still Swingin'" which was a top 5 hit on the Modern Rock Tracks chart peaking at #3.

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