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PSH (Peneři Strýčka Homeboye) is a czech rap band founded in Prague, Czech Republic. As PSH was one of the first bands producing hip-hop music in Czech republic, it's got a fine ammount of fans over years.

The founder person of the group is Orion - one of the fathers of local scene. Current partners of his are Vladimir 518 (rapper, well-known graffiti and graphic artist and Bigg Boss recording label founder) and DJ Mike Trafik (former turntablist and producer in favour of minimalist and party productions). In previous years,
Shitness and DJ Richard appeared in the formation. The current one formed in 2003.

They have relased three albums - Repertoar (2001), which is believed to be the first rap LP to be relased in the Czech republic and Rap'n'Roll (2006), with completely different sound compared to the debut LP. Both of the rappers have also got their own solo projects.

In 2010 PSH have announced that their next release titled Epilog will be their last, but it was only marketing campaign and third album was released 5.5.2010.

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