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PPK (also known as ППК in Cyrillic) were a trance duo formed in 1998 hailing from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, the members' names being Sergei Pimenov and Alexander Polyakov.

Their most famous single, ResuRection was available to download freely on for about a year - millions of people downloaded it, this caused them to sign a contract to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label. The song was based around the melody of the theme to the 1979 Russian film 'Siberiade'. It has had many remixes to date and is still a widely played classic dance track.

PPK released two albums in their time, Reload and Russian Trance: Formation - although Russian Trance: Formation was basically the same as their Reload album.

PPK broke up in 2003.

After PPK's break-up, Alexander Polyakov devoted himself to supportting the evolution of the dance music scene in Russia. He's constantly in search of rising musical talents. Liquinoid, Melodica, Marek, Vadim Zhukov, Sound Fitcion, Alex Monakhov, Anton Chernikov, Tunerman and others form the extensive list of artists whose releases have come to life with Alexander's support.

In 2005 Polyakov created his own label, iRecords, with the intention of presenting fresh and promising dance music talents from Russia. He continues producing and touring as a DJ and live performer but still keeps an eye on dance music scene as the iRecords A&R.

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