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Oliver Koletzki

minimal electronic techno minimal techno electro

    Oliver Koletzki first started producing music in the eighties with a Commodore 64. At aged 13, he started taking guitar and piano lessons. His inspirations were and music of the early nineties.

    Since passing his A-levels, he has been studying music at the Berlin Humboldt University. Occasionally he also does sound design for films for the University of Arts in Berlin.

    In 2005, Oliver scored a huge hit with his track 'Der Muckenschwarm' which was signed to Sven Väth's Cocoon label, remixed by Dominik Eulberg and appeared on Pete Tong's 'Essential Selection' compilation. The track was subsequently voted Best Track in Germany's Groove Magazine's Readers Poll 2005.

    Oliver also remixed Oliver Huntemann's 'Radio' for the Dance Electric label and released remixes on Secret Planet, Great Stuff and Gomma Records as Parker Frisby.

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