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Progressive Metalcore metalcore DJENT Progressive metal Progressive

There's a couple of bands with the same name.
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Formed In: April 2013
Origins: Paris, France
Genre: Progressive Metalcore | Djent | Metal
Record Label: Unsigned

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Band Members
Matt Gelsomino | Vocals
Florestan Durand | Guitar
Amael Durand | Drums
Charly Kelevra | Guitar
Nicolas Delestrade | Bass

Progressive Metal from Paris
A new project of ex A Call To Sincerity members (Charly, Nico & Matt).


A group, nay, Collective from Thompson, Manitoba. Consisting of Alex King (Vocals, Percussions), Dollah 69 (Vocals, Guitars, Keys), Papyrus (Vocals,Keys, Percussions, Bass) and Sean Sean (Keys).

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