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Novaspace is a German Eurodance project which between 2002 and 2004 has covered several '80s hits such as "Time After Time", "Guardian Angel" and "Beds Are Burning". They have reached the Top-20 in Germany, Austria as well as in Australia.

Novaspace which originated in 2002 by producer Felix Gauder was first fronted by Jessica Boehrs (singer) who was later replaced by Jenny Marsala.

Jessica Boehrs started singing in in the band JessVaness. She was a background-singer in some songs of Caught in the Act and Tic Tac Toe. Among other things she sang the chorus of the song "Laura".

Jessica met with Stuttgart's dance producer Felix Gauder and they formed Novaspace in Berlin, Germany. Their first hit-single, Time After Time (a cover version of Cyndi Lauper's hit), went to #6 in the German charts and the video clip of this song played on MTV as well. After the success of this single, Novaspace became popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and East-European countries such as Hungary and Czech Republic. They made many interviews and appeared on many TV-shows. In the autumn of 2002 they made their second hit single - a cover version for Mike Oldfield's #1 hit To France which was originally sang by Maggie Reilly who is also famous for the hit song Moonlight Shadow. Novaspace's version of To France became a European hit (Top 20 in Germany). Around Christmas of 2004 their third hit single Guardian Angel hit the stores, a cover version for Masquerade's 1983 #1 hit. The song became a German Top 10 hit. In January , Novaspace established their first album called Supernova. The album, like the group, specialized in cover versions of hits of the 80's. In they had another huge hit, a cover version of Bryan Adams's song Run to you.

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