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No Name

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) NO NAME is a stand alone sub-group of the Japanese idol group AKB48.
AKB48 received their first television anime series entitled AKB0048. This anime series is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, and is planned and supervised by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto 9 members of AKB48 and its sister groups were selected to voice the main anime characters after a public audition.These voice cast members later formed the sub-group named "NO NAME", and they sang the opening and ending theme song of the anime. Members include: Mayu Watanabe, Amina Satō, Haruka Ishida, Sumire Satō, Sayaka Nakaya, Karen Iwata, Kumi Yagami (SKE48 Team S), Sawako Hata (SKE48 Team KII), Mao Mita (NMB48 Team M)

2) No Name is a Slovak rock band. It was formed in Košice on August 26, 1996 by Viliam Gutray and three Timko brothers - Igor, Roman and Ivan. Today, the band has six members.


3) No Name is a Montenegrin boy band formed in Podgorica in 2003. The group represented Serbia and Montenegro in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and almost again in 2006. They received a large number of awards on various festivals in Montenegro and the surrounding. The band consists of 5 members: Marko Prentić, Danijel Alibabić, Branko Nedović, Dragoljub Purlija and Bojan Jovović. Their former member is Marko Perić.

4) No Name was founded in Dudelange, Luxembourg in 1988. When the time came and they were asked to play their first gig, the band didn't have a name. All propositions were rejected, and so the band still had no name. So the band was called No Name. On the bill of the first gig (a charity festival against hunger in Armenia) they were referred to as 'No Name Band vun Diddeleng' (No Name Band from Dudelange). Later when the band got known in Luxembourg, it was no longer possible to change the name.

Current Lineup:
Patrick 'Kuffi' Kiefer (vocals) - Alex Rukavina (keyboards) - Yves Di Prospero (guitars) - Iris Sonntag (flute) - Chris Sonntag (drums).

1991 - Heap of Ruins
1993 - Zodiac
1995 - The Secret Garden
1998 - Strange Decisions
1999 - The Other Side
2005 - Thoughts pay no Toll
2006 - 4

5) No Name is Poka Michelsen, a French Speedcore/Hardcore producer and member of the Fraktal crew, Toulouse, France. She produces some of the most extreme electronic hardcore ever imagined on an Amiga that sounds as though it's been compressed beyond belief.


6) No Name is formed in Stockholm, Sweden in the middle of 1980´s. Italo Vicencio, Gonzalo and Toro were born in Chile. Hati has born in Finland. Hati recorded in Finland a couple of years ago an album with name Uhkakuva. Gonzalo Quintana has had later several musical acts in England and in Spain.
No Name recorded for the Propaganda Records in Finland. After that one of their swedish producers works called Roxette stood among the top bands in worldwide sales and notoriety on his EMI Sweden -carrier.


7) No Name is a Polish female fronted soft rock band.


8) No Name is a Chinese male artist.


9) No Name is a Chinese old-school punk rock band from Xi'an City. They are signed to the German label Razorblade Music.

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10) No Name was a Danish beat band in the 1970's
No Name was a Danish band formed around 1969 with a crew originally consisting of Peter Strømberg (alto and tenor saxophone), Peter Mogensen (drums), Henrik Strube (guitar), Peter Ingemann (electric bass and violin) and Lars Trolle (guitar , piano, flute and vocals).
No Name recorded in 1972 the album native land Songs (Polydor 2380 017); an LP with texts by among others Ebbe Rivendell Reich. The texts hailed the national and was marked by strong opposition to the EC. The album was released up to the Danish referendum on membership of the EC.
Before the album debut of birth Country Songs had musicians from No Name (apart from Peter Power Berg) contributed to Sebastian's first Danish-language publication, EP landfill bleeding from the 1971st
No Name had changing crews. After the release of patriotic songs left Trolle and Ingmann the group and was replaced by Kim "Gustav" Gustavsson (organ, piano and guitar) and Allan Klitgaard (electric bass).
No Name played Roskilde Festival in 1971 and was one of the first rock groups that were associated with the environment around Christiania.
No Name was dissolved in 1973.
11) No Name was a Belgian acid house/new beat project by J.P. Ruelle. They released a 12inch called "Acid Conflict" in 1988 on R & S Records.

12) no Name is a Lithuanian rock, soft-rock, pop-rock band formed in Zarasai more than 5 yers ago.

13) No Name is a Mongolian hiphop group.

14) No Name is punk rock band from Požega, Croatia.

15) No Name is obscure french EBM/electro band released 2 demo tapes on Bug Production label.

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