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No Mercy

dance pop 90s thrash metal crossover

There is more than one artist with this name:
1. A pop/dance group from Florida, United States
2. A thrash metal band from California, United States

1) No Mercy is a pop and dance music group formed by three guys, Milli Vanilli mastermind Frank Farian in Florida in 1995, consisting of twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernández, from Miami, Florida, and Marty Cintron III from New York.

In 1996, No Mercy released their debut album titled My Promise (it was self-titled in the U.S.) and produced four Hot 100 hits, including “Where Do You Go”, (a cover of La Bouche’s “Where Do You Go”) which hit number 5. This was followed by the single “Please Don’t Go” which reached number 21. Next up was "When I Die", and that was followed by a cover of Exile's "Kiss You All Over" which was a huge U.S. dance floor smash, hitting the number one spot on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

No Mercy’s second album, More, included singles such as “Hello How Are You”, “More Than A Feeling” (originally recorded by Boston) and “Tu Amor” also achieved success- but was never released in the U.S.

In 2002, a single, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, was released to gauge support for No Mercy’s third album. The producer decided to instead rework the songs for solo artist Daniel Lopes’ debut album, Shine On, in 2003. No Mercy are featured on the track “Summer Angel” of Lopes’ album.

In October 2007, No Mercy have released their new album ‘Day By Day’ under a new Australian based Independent Record Label ‘Show No Mercy Entertainment pty ltd’.

The “Ocean Drive Remix” of their track “Where Do You Go” is featured in the film, “A Night At The Roxbury”.

2) No Mercy" was a thrash metal band formed in the mid 1980s in Venice, California. The band was started by lead vocalist Kevin Guercio, guitarist Mike Clark, bassist Ric Clayton and drummer Sal Troy. Guercio recorded a few demos and the tracks on the Welcome To Venice compilation in 1985 before being fired and replaced by Suicidal Tendencies lead vocalist Mike Muir. Muir signed them to his independent label Suicidal Records.
In 1987 No Mercy released their first and only album Widespread Bloodshed-Love Runs Red, and were about to record their second album with many new songs already written but Ric Clayton and Sal Troy quit and, instead of recruiting new members, Mike Muir decided to “merge” the two bands by having Mike Clark join Suicidal Tendencies.
Clark took over much of the songwriting duties for Suicidal, shifting it’s style more to a melodic thrash metal sound similar to No Mercy’s and what would have been No Mercy’s second album became Suicidal Tendencies’ third album: How will I laugh tomorrow… when I can’t even smile today.
In 1989 Suicidal released the Controlled By Hatred-Feel Like Shit…Deja Vu compilation. Many of the songs on it, including “Waking The Dead” and “Controlled By Hatred”, were re-recorded by Suicidal from the Widespread Bloodshed album.

Welcome to Venice (1985/Part Of Compilation)
Widespread Bloodshed-Love Runs Red (1987)
OG No Mercy (2008)

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