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Nic Endo

digital hardcore noise experimental electronic industrial

    Nic Endo (born January 7th 1976) is a Japanese-German-American (mother Japanese, father German, born in Texas) noise musician that played with the German anarchist techno group Atari Teenage Riot. Nic Endo joined ATR while they were on tour in 1997 and was involved with the production of their final album "60 Second Wipe Out". During this period she released the noise EP "White Heat" on Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1998 and the abstract space jazz album "Poison Lips" (as She-Satellites) on Geist Records in 1999.

    After ATR effectively broke-up in 2000, Endo released an experimental solo album entitled "Cold Metal Perfection", a release closer in style to her work as She-Satellites. Released by Geist (the experimental sublabel of DHR), Cold Metal Perfection was named as one of the top 20 albums of 2001 by Alternative Press.

    In 2001 Endo assisted in the production of Alec Empire's solo album, "Intelligence and Sacrifice". She has also since been a part of Empire's touring band "The Hellish Vortex", and was also involved with his follow-up album "Futurist" (2005).

    In 2010 Atari Teenage Riot ended their hiatus and Endo became band's lead female vocalist.

    Her trademark is her black leather and white face paint overlaid by the Japanese character meaning "resistance".

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