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Next November

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David Alejandro Mosquera Meluk (Next November) was born in Condoto, Choco, Colombia on December 16, 1988.

Since early years He showed passion for music and noises. His mother Yolanda decided to make him be part of the elementary school's orchestra as well as the local town's (Venecia, Colombia).

After elementary school was over David did not work on his musical talent until later in 2006 when He went to live to the United States and bought his first guitar. Later on 2009 He, his brother Dago and his Friend Carolina decided to form a Rock/pop band called "Despues de la Linden" ( Passed Linden St) which made its debut at the Colombian independence festival in Allentown, PA (2009). The band did not last due to schedule conflicts with everyone's studies, but David Kept on going with the idea and worked on a rock album which did not come out due to the lack of time.

On December 31, 2010 at 11:59pm David starts building his first electronic based song which he called "Sad Song" which was his first single and was played over the internet radios such as, Jango and Grooveshark. From that day on He kept on making those beats inspired by artist such as Stromae, Edward Maya, Mauro Picotto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Thomas Gold, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Robert Miles, and some others. Performing in Sputnik (Slovenia), Allentown and New York city (Manhattan) opening for Grammy award winning rapper Cee Knowledge begining year 2013

Slowly growing in his music career David moved to Slovenia, EU where he has been revolutionizing himself and his music, finding new friends and experimenting with new sounds. On August 2013 he released his first official single "NUDE" which is on stores such as iTunes, amazon, emusic, rhapsody. Later on He released his second single "Summerporn" and anthem to the summer featuring Saša Užmah and bassist Alen Petek form Mendem

With an Latin background and influenced by the European sounds Next November is a good mix of flavor, beats and energy.

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