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Sludge doom metal Post-Metal experimental Progressive metal

    1) Neurosis is an band based in Oakland, CA, United States. Their unique sound draws influences from , , , , and even and . They are often considered as pioneers of the genre commonly referred to as and/or . To date, the band have released eleven full-length studio albums as well as a number of live albums, split records, and EPs.

    In late 1985, Scott Kelly, Dave Edwardson and Jason Roeder (formerly members of Violent Coercion) founded the band as a outfit, borrowing from British . It has gradually progressed through a variety of styles, arriving at a mixture of heavy metal and acoustic, minimalistic ambiance which has proved influential on the scene.

    From 1990 to 1993, Adam G. Kendall was recruited to create the visuals and perform live with the band. Following his departure from touring, Pete Inc. took over the job, although Kendall continued to contribute visuals for the band until as late as 1997. Kendall also shot the footage for the "Locust Star" video. Josh Graham took over live visuals in early 2000, and was with the band until late 2012 when he left to pursue his band A Storm of Light full time. He also created album artwork for 2004's The Eye of Every Storm and 2007's Given to the Rising.

    Often experimental and psychedelic in nature, the visuals have added to the reputation of Neurosis' live performances. Many of the visuals for their tours supporting Through Silver in Blood can be found in Ken Russell's film Altered States. Other images are included in the enhanced portion of the Sovereign mini album, and on the A Sun That Never Sets DVD video release. The majority of the DVD release was directed by Josh Graham, with an additional video by Chad Rullman.

    Additionally, the band have founded their own independent record label, Neurot Recordings, which, in addition to releasing material from Neurosis and its associated projects, has since become home to several innovative musicians.

    Band members:
    Scott Kelly - guitar, vocals
    Steve Von Till - guitar, vocals
    Dave Edwardson - bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
    Noah Landis - organ, piano, samples
    Jason Roeder - drums
    Josh Graham - visual artist

    2) Neurosis are a band from Bogotá, D.C., Colombia, formed in 1987. They play in the raw, relentless South American style, influenced equal amounts by as . They were known as Neurosis Inc. for some time and released a full-length, a live album, a split and a compilation under that name. Before adding "Inc." in their name, they toured under War Messiah in the United States to avoid confusion with the domestic Neurosis.

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