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Mr. Probz

Hip-Hop dutch rap nederhop netherlands

    Dennis Princewell Stehr, better known as Mr. Probz, is a Dutch artist of Danish and Antillian descent.

    He is known for his raps, songs and choruses in both Dutch and English. Apart from being a performing artist himself, he is also active as song writer and producer.

    In the hip hop scene Mr. Probz is known for the critically acclaimed songs 'Drivin', 'Who Are You' and 'Get My Props', a string of hits in his native language in The Netherlands and many collaborations with well known hip hop artists in the United States. Despite offers to sign with record labels, both in The Netherlands and in the US, Mr. Probz decided to keep building a strong foundation in Europe as an independent artist.

    Mr. Probz had been creatively active since a young age, already occupying himself with graffiti as a youngster and writing lyrics about his every day experiences. At a young age he was faced with the typical trials and tribulations of inner city youth growing up, spending large portions of his time on the streets and viewing his music as the one path out of a life of poverty and crime.

    August 6 th 2010, Mr. Probz got shot down in the centre of Amsterdam. In the hospital the popular hip hop artist received massive attention from the Dutch media and support from fellow musicians and fans. Within days after his release from the hospital, Mr. Probz was already back to focusing on his music. Half a year after the accident, the Dutch hit song ‘Meisje Luister’ of him and Kleine Viezerik was a #1 hit at the FunX Hip Hop Chart.

    In 2010 Mr. Probz was nominated for a BNN/State Award in the category ‘Best Artist’. He was the first unsigned artist to get this nomination in the award show’s history.

    In the Dutch motion picture 'Bolletjes Blues' Mr. Probz plays the role of lead character Jimmy. ‘Bolletjes Blues’ was the first Dutch hip hop film.

    In his career Mr. Probz recorded and worked closely with artists like Alchemist, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Scott Storch, Yukmouth, Grafh, Raekwon, Royce da 5’9 and Giorgio Tuinfort (Konvict Music), among many others.

    Currently Mr. Probz is readying his debut album, called ‘The Treatment’.

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