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Electroclash digital hardcore electronic punk riot grrrl

"Jane daughter of folk singing duo. Marko born to Polish bass playing mother. Met at high school in Scotland, she was 12, he was 14. Jane liked the pixies, drinking up the cemetery and played violin. Marko formed a band. Jane and Marko grew closer, band got smaller. Last member left because he thought their relationship was 'too fucking weird.'…

Various names. Extremely bizarre demo tapes. Marko is banned from attending music class. Both leave school at the earliest opportunity. Jane Motoro wants to be an actress relocates to france. Marko Poloroid studies music in Glasgow. Declares all bands are shit and goes off to New York. Vanishes for six months. Picture appears in the news of the world of Marko dj’ing in Casablanca

Jane has serious car accident in Paris. both return to Scotland for jobs with the same kids tv show. Leave the show, take the money and buy a cheap sampler. Release their own record as Motormark.

Surprised when Too Pure suggest they release some Motormark singles. their Ramones sampling 'lets go' is released on Jane’s birthday, same day Joey Ramone dies and the NME decide it’s ‘nauseating'. Play their first live show 23rd January 2002. It makes jane’s parents cry

Motormark audition for other members. people find them awkward to be around, potential synth player said 'it’s the like they know something you don't. they continue as duo. motormark buy an old mini and tour in classic style.

Marko sketches things they could wear. Jane’s giant cone shaped dress quickly becomes the star of the show so they destroy it in fit of jealousy. play shows with ladytron, peaches, junior senior and support Bis on their farewell tour. drive mini to spain and play with white stripes and sonic youth. return to scotland to work on debut album pop:up. recorded in a day and released on barcelona’s popchild. album gets great reviews in careless talk costs lives and nme

More touring. jane and marko start writing next album. they vent spleen, write songs for each other, write songs about each other. meet richard norris from grid. excited about his earlier work with joe strummer and psychic tv. suggests they record above a transvestite cafe in abandoned sweetie factory. plan to record album fast. 2 people, drum machine, guitars and the truth in one raw performance.

Record done motormark leave for shows in bilbao and barcelona. richard follows them insisting on teaching the pair archery. marko injures hand & they return to the uk. need sleeve meet with art lunatic lung. jane and marko are in circus outfits hosting a performance art show. lung designs cover on serviettes from his pocket. everything seems right…"

Motormark then 'split', add new members and become Fake Fang.


Motormark has published photos.