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Monkey Business

Czech funk seen live funky electronic

    There are at least 3 bands called Monkey Business:

    Monkey Business - Prague, Czech Republic, official Facebook fanpage

    1)The first band named Monkey Business is from Czech Republic and began in 2000 and immediately after releasing their first record quickly became an overnight sensation. After that, all four records of this great funky band from Prague opened to enthusiastic reviews and sold out concert tours. Anything less would be considered a failure, as bandleader and producer Roman Holý was not satisfied with having the best Prague funkateers joining his new outfit. Instead, he invited funk legend Fred Wesley to add some old school funk flavour.

    Fred Wesley, best known for his time as James Brown’ s band leader and author of several hit records, including Pass the Peas and Houseparty, worked with Monkey Business on their first two albums, writing the horn section arrangements and leading the section in the studio. Another notable guest was David Williams, a regular of Michael Jackson and Madonna records.

    Other guests on MBs records: David Sanborn (saxophone on Kiss Me On My Ego), Ashley Slater (vocals on Twillight Of Jesters), Glenn Hughes (vocals on Kiss Me On My Ego and Twillight Of Jesters?), Hiram Bullock (guitars on Save The Robots, Resistance Is Futile and Kiss Me On My Ego)

    MB’s albums offer tracks with 99% English lyrics, tackling matters ranging from career choices to the creation of the universe. Four records were published on the Sony Music Columbia label, last two albums on the Devil Inside - Music Production label. - official Facebook fanpage

    2) The second one is a Hands Up project from Germany signed to the Global Airbeatz Recordings. Their debute single My Life Would Suck Without You is a cover of the song originally made by Kelly Clarkson.

    3) pop punk band from indonesia

    Monkey Business has published photos.