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    Modestep is a band from North London, England which formed in 2010 . The band started with Josh Friend {Vocals / Production / Keys}, Tony Friend {Turntables / Production / Guitar}, Matthew Curtis {Drums & Percussion} and Nick Tsang {Guitar}.Their sound clearly takes influence from progressive electro and dubstep - as one of their fans stated they like to make music which "makes your brains wobble with low bass filth", in reality not all Modestep's tunes aim to be as filthy as possible which is much the trend of the times, in what can possibly be seen as a post-dubstep progression; where bass-heavy music is never avoided, however, incorporated in an eclectic manner with electronica. Modestep's live shows take place every Sunday on their radio stream at

    The music video for their second single, Sunlight, which was released on YouTube on July 3, 2011, passed 1 million views within four days and when it was was released by Polydor Records on August 12, 2011, it debuted at #16 on the UK singles chart. ( Sunlight Songfacts).

    On 14 January 2014, Tsang and Curtis both left the band to pursue their own careers in the music industry. Despite this the album is still scheduled and a world tour is expected, the band will be looking for new members to succeed them, soon.

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