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There are multiple artists called Mista:

1) When Bobby Valentino first started his music career he was in a youth quartet called Mista. The group had a hit with the song Blackberry Molasses. Mista's rich soulful sound was refreshing for a group so young. Their second release was a melodical tune about young love entitled Lady. They then released their debut self-titled album Mista. They went on to record two more albums before disbanding in 1997.

Mista's four members were Bobby "Valentino" Wilson, Byron Reeder, Brandon Brown and Darryl Allen.

2) Mista is a Slovakia multi-instrumentalic singer with great hits like "Vendetta" or "Rock It". Her song "Rock It" is a cover version of famous song "United" by Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark.

3) Mista is the former name of Mistabishi, aka Jamie Pullen, a drum & bass/dubstep producer.

4) Mista is a Lithuanian pop duo.

5) Mista is the name of several rap artists.

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