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    Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has been creating incorruptible independent pop music since the late 1990’s. She has released over a dozen solo and collaborative recordings on K Records, Kill Rock Stars and various domestic and foreign independent labels. She released a number of well-received solo albums on K Records, including You Think It's Like This but Really It's Like This (1999) and Advisory Committee (2001). She has toured extensively in North America and Japan and has also toured in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. Her album, Changing Light, was released on May 13, 2014 on her own imprint, Absolute Magnitude Records.

    Defined by her graceful songwriting and adventuresome recordings, Pitchfork has praised her “incredible voice—a versatile coo that can flit from low, sultry tones to high, airy falsetto in one breath.”

    Mirah has always sought the creative company of unique collaborators, from multi-media artists and orchestral composers to DJs, Baltic music enthusiasts, and entomologists. A partial list of some of her collaborators includes Phil Elverum (The Microphones/Mount Eerie), Merrill Garbus (tUnE-yArDs), Tara Jane O’Neil, Khaela Maricich (The Blow), Susie Ibarra, Melanie Valera (Tender Forever), Jherek Bischoff, Lori Goldston, Britta Johnson and Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

    Her style encompasses indie pop, acoustic, and experimental pop. According to The Rumpus in 2011, "Mirah’s early records…are DIY mini-masterpieces that express a punk sensibility through broken drum machines, reverb-drenched guitars and ukulele. Her more recent albums…are mature, complex and immaculately-produced."

    Mirah lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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