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Milan Drobný

Milan Drobný (born December 8th, 1944 in Prague) is a singer and producer.

He began his career in the competition "Hledáme nové talenty" (Searching for New Talents). He later met up with Karel Gott, with whom he began to play with in the theatre Semafor in 1963, when Jiří Šlitr and Jiří Suchý were looking for a replacement for Waldmar Matuška, who had just left the theatre.

He later worked together with Jiří Brabec’s Country Beat and the orchestra of Karel Vlach and Václav Hybš. He has sung in many European countries. In 1994 he performed in America and in 2000 he had a concert tour across Australia.

He now owns an artistic agency, where he assists singers and actors.

Milan Drobný has published photos.