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Mikrowafle are the pioneers of polish electronic, avant' & syntetic-pop scene (the first electro from Poland, since the beginning of the 90's). They are producers and performers. The controversial electroshocking group came into being in 2003, on a basis of legendary Protoplazma (1993-2003), previously known as & experimental groups: Morris and Generativ (1989-1993, the precursors of polish noise-electro-industrial, influenced by western influences, such as Throbbing Gristle, Dome and SPK, as well as the polish group Fioletowe Plyny Zdrowotne (1988-98, dada-prepare-experimental, very youth project). Their formation was spontaneous and controversial, with the cult video "Talib's girl" (never broadcast on polish TV).

However, the main theme of Mikrowafle dates back to the past. During their short career, they defied the expectations of an average song, with performances verging on theatre and cinema.

They also give live club-acts as electro-project E1 (

In 2005 They released their first CD, "Nareszcie - gdzie ten fjuczer?" ('At last - where's this future?') and found themselves on 2 CD compilations; In a short time, Mikrowafle performed on TV Polsat (BAR, Top Trendy and Poplista) and took part in WOSP (2005 & 2007) in Lodz.

Moreover, Mikrowafle's songs are played on a few non-commercial, popular polish radio & TV stations: Radiostacja, Radio Jazz, Antyradio, 4Fun TV. They were nominated (by Reni Jusis, popoular polish singer) for prestige on TopTrendyFestival (they competed with Sistars, against whom, unfortunately, they did not win).

The videoclip 'My sa profesory' ('We are professors') won a main prize durring summer 2005 in an all-Polish television contest…

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