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Mike Foyle

trance progressive trance uplifting trance melodic trance piano

England based DJ and Producer Mike Foyle has certainly made a name for himself over the last few years as a producer, composer and DJ that you can rely on. From progressive trancer Space Guitar spotted by a certain Markus Schulz and promptly signed up to his Electronic Elements label, to Firefly, third in his piano-trance series which has just dropped on Armind Recordings along with a take-no-prisoners rework from tech trance man-of-the-moment Mark Sherry, this guy delivers anthems like your postman delivers the mail…

Between his own name, his various aliases such Andromeda, Statica and Bolt, plus numerous collaborations with the likes of the Signalrunners and Filo & Peri, Mike has put his hand to everything from smooth progressive trance to banging techno. Armed with a potent classical background, he is also well respected as a composer of piano music, and has begun working alongside film production companies in a bid to further develop his skills as a writer and producer on the audio visual playing field.

His DJ sets are an affair just as eclectic, featuring anything from classic trance to modern and edgey madness drenched in tantalising melodies, atmospheres and soundscapes, all expertly blended together, putting him in DJ booths worldwide from Bournemouth to Newcastle and from Jakarta to Hollywood.

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