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Mig 21

Czech seen live pop pop rock alternative

There are 2 bands named Mig 21

1] An innovative czech band with 3 released albums - Snadné je žít (It's easy to live), Udělalo se nám jasno (We've driven home) and Pop pop pop. Its members are Pavel Hrdlička, Tomáš Polák, Jan Hladík, Tomáš Kurfürst and frontman Jiří Macháček - popular also as an actor. Most known songs - Snadné je žít (It's easy to live), Slepic pírka (Chicken tags), Tančím (I'm dancing), Vlajky vlají (The flags are waving), etc.

2] Featuring the talents of David Khan, Mikel Goodwin, Ed Wilson & J-mz Robinson, MiG-21 formed in June 2001 & enjoyed favourable audience reactions from the very start.

Very much a pop-rock project with some industrial noise & avant-rock underpinnings, MiG-21 combine smooth, melodic bass playing & electronic rhythms (utilising custom-made sampled sounds) with harsh, biting, free-form guitar work & multi-layered vocals riding upon a wave of distortion & delay.

Although not as deadly serious as some earlier kRkRkRk projects, there are punk-rock, political overtones in the group's music - suitably corrupted by a Generation X nihilism & disenchantment.

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Mig 21 has published photos.