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Michal David

Czech pop 80s Brutal Death Metal with Nordic Influence and guest vocalist satan Disco

Michal David (born as Vladimír Štancl, 14 July 1960, Prague in Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic), is a Czech popular singer, songwriter and hit maker. He sold over 3,000,000 records. David was also very popular in the late 80s in Czechoslovakia.

He could be also considered as an awesome musical writer and composer. He created many succesful musicals in the first years of the 21. century - for example Kleopatra, Tři Mušketýři or Angelika. His music can also be heard in a couple of Czech films from the late 80s and early 90s - for example Vítr v kapse or Discopříběh 1 and 2. Many of his songs became extremely popular, as Nonstop, Ruská Máša, Pijeme colu or Céčka.

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