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Micall Parknsun

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    Micall Parknsun is a British rapper/producer. He has been quietly involved in the UK hip-hop scene for a while, yet he only has a small number of releases to his name.

    He was first noticed on the scene as a duo with fellow rapper R.A.M, under the name "2Halves", with tracks such as "Freedom Fighters". The duo then later split up & with Micall focusing on a solo career, released the highly acclaimed 12" vinyl "Tha Shit/Da Struggle", 2004 which featured rapper Jehst. After receiving a small amount of recognition & airplay, Micall Parknsun's first album, released under Low Life/Sit Tight; "The Working Class Dad", 2005 was fairly anticipated & well received by the UK Hip-Hop scene. The stand out track from his debut album are Saltfish & Aggie, featuring UK rappers Wordsmith and Skriblah & Kyza from Terra Firma.

    In 2006 he released The Interview Mixtape which featured the likes of Jehst, Asaviour, Dubbledge and Humurak D. Gritty.

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