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    Current members:
    Vestal - Vocals (Anus Mundi / Lugnasad)
    Perversifier - Guitars
    A.K. - Guitars (Vorkreist / Eros Necropsique)
    Daethorn - Bass (Purge)
    Blastum - Drums (Purge / Ingens)

    Merrimack is a French black metal band. Merrimacks demos have been drifting around in the underground BM scene for several years now garnering a cult following. Their first demo "Act1" was released in 1995. Merrimack was the first black metal band to play in Paris (1996 with Necromass and Dark Funeral). Rather than focus on mythology, Merrimacks members have elected to place a strong focus on the occult and the philosophical aspects of the black arts including an extremely religious approach to Satanism. They are currently signed to Moribund Records.
    Act 1 Demo 1995
    Prologue Demo 1995
    Hirilorn/Merrimack Split 1998
    Horns Defeat Thorns Demo 2001
    Merrimack/Sargeist Split 2002
    Ashes of Purification Album 2002
    Hellgium Raped Live Album 2003
    Obsecrations to the Horned Best of 2004
    Of Entropy and Life Denial Full Length 2006
    Grey Rigorism Full Length 2009
    The Acausal Mass 2012

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