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flatcore funny slovak swearing What the Armies of Satan listen to as they impale babies

Ladislav Meliško aka Majster (born 02.01.1952) is a working-class alcoholic hailing from Prievidza, a town in central Slovakia. Clandestine recordings of his intimate life with partner Etela (Mária Kotlárová, of Romani Gypsy origin), son Peter and canary-bird Miško, whose author is generally assumed to be his neighbour Šarina, have made him a Slovak internet superstar and source of much popular hilarity. The tracks brim with imaginative, aggressive and often politically incorrect outbursts of alcohol-fueled verbal abuse targeted mainly at Etela, but also Peter, reckless neighbours and inefficient civil servants. Meliško theatrically complains and vents his rage about inadequate food provisions (missing onion, a lack of salt), cash shortages, flat facilities or issues with welfare benefits. The recordings of Majster are freely available on the internet and fans have produced a plethora of remixes and videos based on the original tracks. In early 2010, Meliško made headlines when a municipal radio using public-space amplifiers in Liptovský Mikuláš was hacked to broadcast a few of his explicit recordings.

So far, 4 albums have been “released” online. This is the ultimate compilation of all four: - last album from tavern air..

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