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Medicine is a / band from Los Angeles, USA. They have had two distinct incarnations. The band was first formed in 1991 by guitarist and programmer Brad Laner (aka Electric Company) and signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings label the following year. Medicine was/is considered the American response to shoegazing bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Chapterhouse. With a signature guitar tone, created by running Brad Laner's guitar through a Yamaha 8-track recorder, Medicine's music managed to distinguish itself from some of the more noisy and ambiguous endeavours of the shoegazing movement. The band made a brief appearance as themselves in the film The Crow, performing Time Baby III.

Brad Laner broke up the original band in 1995.

In 2003 The Mechanical Forces of Love was released. For this album Medicine was just a duo, consisting of Brad Laner and singer Shannon Lee (sister of The Crow's star, Brandon, and daughter of Bruce).

1st April 2013 Brad Laner announces new Medicine track 'Long As The Sun' with the original line up, to be downloaded here:

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