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Mat Musto

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I started out playing clubs and bars with my old rock band “Polaroid” on this little Buffalo based indie label.

In the midst of my rock and roll endeavors around 2008 I began to find
my own story to tell, not to mention my own sound of creation.
I use my own experiences with the influence of everyday inspirations
to write the lyrics you will hear in my music. For example; “Learning to Fly”
shows some of my personal spirituality, walk, and prayer in contrast with one who is homeless, and
faithless. “50 Years” is a poetic expression of losing someone either through something on
the surface such as a break up, or even through something as difficult & deep as death.
I like to think of my art as something that’s rented out and shared, but will always belong to me.
I try to keep my lyrics general so everyone can relate in some way, I want to help
the world become a place of acceptance and appreciation, rooted by love and expression,
much less status, and greed. I want the people to listen to my story and find peace..
even if it’s only peace in one little area of your life.

I’m Mat Musto and this is me

Mat Musto was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Daytona Beach FL when he was a child. Having picked up a guitar at the tender age of 6 years old he never looked back. He is the self proclaimed “Johnny Depp” of music, and this is his story.

Mat Musto has been lingering in the underground scene for years.
He’s won fans over with his smooth melodic flow on two EP’s “Contrast”
and “Brightness” & one LP “Exposure” along with his ability to connect to his audience throughreal lyrics and coast to coast appeal.

Having already worked with the music industry's most sought after artist/producers, Machine Gun Kelly, Nate Walka, Rivers Cuomo, Mike Posner & Ne-Yo to just name a few, Mat is ready to burst onto the music and entertainment scene in 2011.

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